Arrestingly Delicious Olive Tapenade

The SASSIEST Savory Spreads you’ve ever tasted, that’s what!!!

Spread-mmms is a line of small batch, artisanal olive tapenade & savory spreads that are hand crafted in Harlem (NYC).

We blend the finest ingredients with adventurous flavors for an Arrestingly Delicious experience.  These unique & daring spreads will make your taste buds sing like a canary!!!

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Beldi Olive Tapenade & Mischievous Marmalade are available to ship.  The other Sassy Savory Spreads availble only in NYC.  Visit our Locations page to find out where to snag some!!!

But . . . what is olive tapenade? 

And . . . what are Sassy Savory Spreads? 

What’s Spread-mmms you ask?  

These are a collection of unique & zesty savory spreads.  All are my own, original creations!!!

You can use them for flavorful appetizers, sneak them into some of your favorite recipes, or just slather them on crispy crackers or hearty breads. 

Check out the members of my Sassy Savory Spread Squad.  They offer a variety of flavors, letting you find something to suit almost any taste!

Most of the Squad is plant based & all of the Sassy Savory Spreads are omnivore friendly. 

It’s a savory olive spread, and mine is jam packed with gorgeous oil-cured Moroccan black olives, luscious extra virgin olive oil, mouthwatering garlic, brazen rosemary, a zesty dash of this & a spicy dash of that.

Voila! There you have it - a mouthful of Arrestingly Delicious perfection!

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